This site hosts references to my github projects

Maven Repository

Found at is the maven repository I host project artifacts at. Examples for usage can be found on the description page.

Gradle Configuration Management

The GradleCM plugins are a set of plugins that support versioning and release of build artifacts using Gradle. In particular, there is good support for Git interactions and the use of tags for versioning.

The plugin sources and readme can be found at and further description, philosophy and details can be found at

Canonical Spring Web Application

The project at is an example of the Spring Web MVC application that has example tags and several controller response types as well as support for optimization of JS/CSS delivery. This canonical example is intended to be a fast starting point for new web applications.

Spring Web Services Utility Classes

The project at is a utility project that contains controllers and classes to support statistics and the simple acquisition of timers, counters, thread traces and system/host information. This is used by the canonical spring application.